Key Differnces - BS5973 & BSEN12811-1

Key Differences Between BS5973 and BSEN 12811-1
The principal differences between the European Standard BS EN 12811-1 and BS 5973 are:
• Six service Load Classes, some with partial area loads.
• Seven width classes and two headroom classes.
• Minimum unimpeded area along the full length of the working area.
• No differentiation between loading on main platform and inside boards.
• Loading according to “in-service” and “out-of-service” conditions.
• Reduction in the number of working platforms in use for light duty, general
   purpose and heavy-duty scaffolds. When in use a scaffold will have one
   platform with 100% of the service load and one adjacent platform (above or
   below) with 50% of the service load.
• In the absence of wind, a scaffold shall have a notional horizontal load
  applied separately parallel and perpendicular to the bay.
• Wind loads on scaffolds shall conform to the national standard BS 6399.
• Reappraisal of effective lengths for the purpose of estimating the safe loads
  on standards.
• Structural design according to limit state theory.


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